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Selling a house or any of your property is a very complicated process even if the real estate market is good. You will have to ask yourself a lot of questions even if you are not a first time home seller. Some of these questions may include how I can get a real estate agent? Do I sell my house and buy a new one? What is the best market price for my house? How do I prepare the paperwork? Therefore, this article will help you get the answers for these questions.

There are two major options for selling your house namely, selling with an agent and selling without an agent but the most important thing is to understand the process of selling a house. Therefore the following are steps for selling a house.

Set the selling price

Normally most sellers will obtain different price estimates from various agents before deciding their sale price. So it is important to settle on your sale price after analyzing the estimates from different agents because you are the boss of the house. However, remember the stamp duty brackets and a discount for the buyers.

Find an agent or utilise a property buyer

You have to look for an agent because it is time consuming to sell yourself. The agent will enable you advertise your house on Zoopla and Rightmove and reach the biggest market to increase chances of selling at your asking price. There is an alternative option where you can sell your property fast to the likes of National Property Trade, who we understand offer the best prices and have a great reputation.

Stage your home

Make your property look best before the agent takes pictures to maximize interest from online buyers and also to get a quick sale at the best price.

Choose a solicitor

The ownership of your property must be legally transferred through a process called Conveyancing which is only done by solicitor. You can only instruct them after accepting an offer on the property.

Accepting an offer

By now customers have come to view your house and make offers or they have made a lot of enquiries on Zoopla and Rightmove and you have must have accepted any of the offers.

Negotiating the draft contract

The seller and buyer will decide on the time line between the exchange and the completion. Also they have to decide on the fittings and fixtures in the sale and whether a discount is included. The relevant questionnaires is then filled.

Exchange contracts and move out

The final contract is written and exchanged once the parties have agreed on all the terms. At this stage the buyerand seller are legally committed to the property sold the seller vacates the house .


At this stage the ownership of the house officially changes. The seller takes the payment and gives out the keys. The solicitor will later register in the lands registry the change of ownership.

Pay the mortgage and your solicitor

At this stage, your solicitor pays your mortgage on your behalf because the buyer has given him the money. Finally, your solicitor will furnish you with an account of all costs incurred; the selling price and mortgage redemption for you pay him. Everything is dusted and the parties have a duty to observe the terms and conditions of the sale otherwise any party can sue another for breach of the contract.

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buying a house

In the current economy, real estate has become quite popular. Today owning a house is easy and possible. A few decades ago it was the exact opposite, buying a house was almost unheard of unless you were an extremely wealthy person or a celebrity. Today the emergency of real estate investors has simplified the possibility of getting a mortgage or buying a house. This has been facilitated by the growth of rapid real estate developers investing in the building gated communities, mortgage facilities, and condos for sale. Today you can find your dream house in the place you have always longed to live and in the most perfect style you vision you dream house to be. It’s important to understand that buying a house or property is more less a lifetime investment. Therefore, when planning to buy a house one should be properly advised.

Well, when looking out to buy your dream house it’s important to keep a few points into consideration. The point below will help you buy the best property worth your money.

  1. Set up your budget.

Well the first thing you need to keep in mind is a budget plan, when planning to buy a property one needs to evaluate his or her financial status, income status and credit card dept situation. This helps in gauging the house that fits your budget. it is easy to identify the price range for houses on sale, through the internet, this way one gets to know what price range with one’s target.

  1. Put aside a deposit

After putting in mind your budget house in mind, you need to set aside a deposits. When buying a house, it is important to remember that a deposit or down payment is always needed before sign sale documents.

  1. Look for the best agent

Here it is, most home owners or any one selling a house will always work with a real estate agent. Agents in the property market are used as brokerage agencies linking owners or people selling houses with those looking to buy a house. Sometime agents are quite untrustworthy and can take advantage of people in search for homes on sale. It is important to look for a reputable agent with good reference to know that you have a good deal. It’s important to note that agent may charge a services fee.

  1. Visit the houses

With the help of an agent it is now possible to visit the houses for sale. This helps a lot for one to visualize the house they plan to buy. It also helps to clearly site the location of the houses, the neighborhood, economic vitality, access to unique infrastructure. The agents can help one be able to site see variety house before making a conclusive decision.

  1. Sign the contract

When you have visited all the houses on sale shown by the agent and have choose the perfect one with the preferred cost, it’s good to go ahead and sign the contract. However before signing the contract, make a bargaining run for the house of your choice. You will be surprised at how much the initial cost can go down. When the price is right and the house is the preferred choice, just sign the contract and close the deal.

Source: Guide to Buying a House

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